Notification to the user

I want to send notification from bot if the user is not responding after 30secs of bot message.For this i have to use schedule reminder. But how can we know the user is not responding after 30 sec. Is there any solution. Thanks in advance

Hi @Chaitanya

the ReminderScheduled has a flag kill_on_user_message, the description of it:

        action_name: name of the action to be scheduled
        trigger_date_time: date at which the execution of the action
            should be triggered (either utc or with tz)
        name: id of the reminder. if there are multiple reminders with
             the same id only the last will be run
        kill_on_user_message: ``True`` means a user message before the
             trigger date will abort the reminder
        timestamp: creation date of the event

So why not fire it per default after any interaction with the system?


Hey @JulianGerhard, Thanks for the response. It is working fine. Currently I am calling this reminder action in all stories. Is there any solution for apply to the all stories . With out writing that action in all stories.

Hi @JulianGerhard , any solution

Hi @Chaitanya

how about my suggestion here ? The action simply should implement a check about the time of the last utterance. If you want to, you even could itterate over every ongoing conversation.

It seems to be kind of overengineered, but if it is worth it…


hi @Chaitanya, Can you please post your code.

hi @Chaitanya, could you please post your code for notification user