Handling when user is mute

During the conversation, If the user is not responding for the bot response, After few seconds ,How the bot handling the situation by sending “Is there anything you need help with”

@erohmensing , Please give me the solution.

Hi @Chaitanya

you can handle this type of situation with a ReminderScheduled()-Event, referring to the docs here:


Hi @JulianGerhard, Thanks for the response. Here date&time is fixed. But my requirement is Bot is replied after mute of the user in 30 sec.

Hi @Chaitanya

since I need this kind of functionality for my own purposes, I will implement it and come back to you with a solution soon.


Ok Thanks @JulianGerhard

Hi @JulianGerhard , any solution

Hi @Chaitanya

you can use attribute ‘kill_on_user_message’ in ReminderScheduled(action_name, trigger_date_time, name=None, kill_on_user_message=True, timestamp=None)

docs: Events


I am on vacation until wednesday. If not already obsolet, I will take a look upon after returning!


Hi @JulianGerhard , Is there any solution

Has anyone come up with a solution to this?