Send Message if user does not reply message in 30 seconds

I have problem about time process message. I need to response with bot after 30 seconds . When user does not reply any message , bot has to response “Please select product”. But User replies message before 30 seconds , Bot does not reply “Please select product”. Do you have any idea about it? I use Rasa 1.10 version

@kalbaliev can you please tell what is your front-end for your chatbot?

Is this is what you required for your use case?

It’s after the bot initiated the conversation like Welcome message : Hey How can I help you? and if user not reply after this welcome message for 30 sec, it will again asked Hey How can I help you?

This is not clear to me.

Can you please give some generic example of bot/user conversation.

Actually, I create this bot for leasing car company. If customer want to buy any car from specific brand and bot get this brand’s cars from database and send as carousel messages. After that If user does not select any car in 30 seconds I want to send Another brand’s cars to customer. Is it possible? I used Threading in FormAction but dispatcher.utter_message is not working. Do you have any idea about it ?

Please read about Events, and more particularly the ReminderScheduled.

You will have to turn all your responses into Custom Actions that return this event.

@ChrisRahme Now I am using Rasa 1.10 version. I want to use simple code block , I did not get any idea reading Documentations.

@kalbaliev as chris suggested you need a Reminder for sure and for that you need to write the custom code for the same.

Please see this link and example:

Ref thread: Notification to the user - #2 by JulianGerhard

Tip If user select in 30 sec then it will follow the further conversation as defined or if user not select in 30 sec it will trigger the next action, for that you need to think how you will execute this and write the custom action.

I hope this will help you.