Not getting the latest domain change on web interface

Hi, i am a RASA newbie, so pardon my ignorance. I have succesfully deployed a chatbot to a linux box and have a javascript web interface that works perfectly, sending the post request to the chatbot and receiving a reply.

I decided to change the “utter_iamabot” in the domain.yml. I then retrained the bot.

When i run “rasa shell” i can see the changed response. But when i try on the web interface, i can still see the old response. Is there a step i am missing?

Hi @furryfred and welcome to the Rasa community!

A running server does not automatically pick up when there is a new model. You can either restart the server after re-training, or send an HTTP request to your server to replace the model with the new one. The endpoint you can use for this request is specified here.