Not able to install old version of rasa


how can i install older version of rasa ?? currently, rasa 1.6 is available but i want to install 1.5.3 version of rasa, as with rasa 1.6, i am not able to connect rasa webchat with rasa server It gives error http://localhost:5005/ above url not giving any response

But it was working fine with rasa 1.5.3 version

Help me with downgrading rasa version

Not knowing how you have rasa installed it should just be a matter of specifying the version in your requirements file or however you are installing via pip, etc. How are you currently installing Rasa?

I tried with pip install rasa with url of rasa 1.5.3 package…but still rasa 1.6 got installed

@priya359 Try giving pip install rasa==1.5.3

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Thanks…it worked

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