Not able to connect Rasa bot with Azure Bot Framework

I have provided Azure Bot App ID and Password, but when I try to send any message to RASA I am getting this error

Can anyone please help me with it ?

You first have to create a Microsoft app to get credentials. Once you have them you can add these to your credentials.yml. The endpoint URL that Microsoft Bot Framework should send messages to will look like http://:/webhooks/botframework/webhook, replacing the host and port with the appropriate values from your running Rasa X or Rasa Open Source server. More information is here: Login


Thanks for your response sir,

I have added application in Azure AD, also added it in credential.yml. I followed this link only, still getting this error. Just F.Y.I I am using Rasa version 3, and I have used Azure Bot to register application to generate app-id and app-password image.

@avinash20399 Did you find out solution?