Connect Rasa to Microsoft Teams Errors Could not get BotFramework token and Error trying to send botframework messge

I am following this tutorial on how to connect my Rasa bot with Microsoft Teams. I am at the point where I am testing it in Azures Web Chat. I keep getting the following errors: ErrorCould not get BotFramework token ERROR rasa.core.channels.botframework - Error trying to send botframework messge. Response:

I am using ngrok to make my bot accessible to the web. These are my configurations in Microsoft Azures BotFramework:

In the ngrok Terminal everything looks good:

In my Rasa credential.yml file I have added the Microsoft App ID and secret:

Does anyone know what the problem is?


Sorry but I can’t help you yet because I’m stack before getting the connection with Teams. But since I see you’re already there, can I ask you how did you get the Microsoft secret? On my configurations I just have the microsoft app ID but I do not see how to get or generate the token.

Thanks in advance,


The secret for the BotFramework I found under configurations > Microsoft App ID > Manage Password

Did you find out solution?