Microsoft Bot Framework Connection

I like the new channel connection of Rasa with botframework directly Connecting to Messaging and Voice Channels but after making connection with bot emulator I am unable to get response from bot after getting connection.

Here is my code and bot framework configuration:


You probably need to input your app id and password and then submit the endpoint

I added the app_id and app_password but removed it here due to privacy issue. It worked when I test it on the Microsoft bot web but failed on Microsoft Bot framework.

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the Microsoft Bot Framework, maybe ask the contributors that submitted this PR

Hi @abhishakskilrock, Can you tell me how you got the bot to work with the microsoft bot web. I am trying to do the same thing. Did you have to use an external service like ngrok to create the messaging endpoint or were you able to host the bot on azure?

Thank you

Hi @Sam, I didn’t use Azure. For testing I used ngrok to create the messaging endpoint.

hi @abhishakskilrock thanks for your response. I’m trying to do the same thing now for local testing with ngrok. I just need to know what configurations I should do on azure It looks that i need to follow these steps to create a bot on azure, but where do i then put rasa’s ngrok endpoint?

Thank you

Hi @Sam, if you want to test you can add your ngrok URL in Microsoft Bot Framework . It is free to use and you test with it.

Perhaps the confusion stems from the fact that there is a difference between Botframework and Azure web bot service

If you want to use Azure web bot service, all you need to do is put the rasa url of /webhooks/botframework/webhook in the app settings of azure web bot service

Update the messaging endpoint there.

I am not sure if you have already figured this out but there needs a better distinction between azure web bot service and bot framework

@tmbo @akelad

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Could you clarify what you mean in terms of distinction @souvikg10 ? I’m not really familiar with either of those services tbh

@akelad bot framework is basically the SDK, that allows you to connect to Cognitive services like NLU, speech, vision etc along with a dispatcher for orchestrating conversations using Activity tracker. I would compare it to botkit. Bot framework can be hosted anywhere as well as a node js or C# app or with Docker.

However Azure Web Bot service is the azure web service where you have botframework out of the box for the connectors. I would use this picture below to give an idea. As you can see you are using Azure Bot Service to connect to channels or devices. You could host the botframework app on azure bot service. In the case of the Rasa botframework connector, the connector is written to connect to azure bot service where i could simply plug in Rasa Bot to the Azure Bot service to connect to the channels without using botframework sdk at all.

On another instance, I am using Botframework sdk for vision and using the rest connector of rasa for the chatbot, hosting it on docker, and connecting it to azure bot service which then connects to Teams.


Got it, thanks for the explanation. So do you think we need to add something to our documentation about this?

I think it will be useful to explain the botframework connector which allows to connect to azure web bot service and where to place webhook/botframework/webhook endpoint in the service settings.

Yeah that’s a fair point. Do you think you’d be up for adding a short explanation about that to our docs?

I will add it :slight_smile: sorry for the delayed response

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@souvikg10 Could you please share the documentation url?

I was not able to find any reference in the standard docs. I am facing a similar problem where in I have registered my bot through Azure bot service and have given my endpoint as https://“ip generated with ngrok”/webhooks/botframework/webhook.

Below is the error I see : 404 Error

“OPTIONS /webhooks/botframework/webhook HTTP/1.1” 404 342 0.001960 “POST /webhooks/botframework/webhook HTTP/1.1” 404 342 0.001995

@akelad - If you can help with this

Can you please elaborate a more. I’m bit confused

Can we integrate Rasa with microsoft teams with out admin credential and Azure account.

Hi @srilekhahota
You always need bot credentials to connect any bot with Microsoft Team. If you want to integrate without any cost you can use slack or telegram or whatsapp.

can we configure rasa, if a person types Hi name, @name, Hello name rasa should not respond.