Could not get BotFramework token

Hi Rasa I have already run ngrok and ‘rasa run’, In credentials.yml, there is also app_id and app_password under botframework, but when I’m trying to make testing in Bot Framework, i got errors as below:

2019-07-03 10:26:02 ERROR rasa.core.channels.botframework - Could not get BotFramework token

2019-07-03 10:26:03 ERROR rasa.core.channels.botframework - Error trying to send botframework messge. Response:

In my understanding, tunnel should be ok and it’s pending on Authentication. Could you please point out what I miss here? Thanks in advanced. Rasa: 1.1.4 Python: 3.6.8

Can your please share your credentials.yml (please anonymize the token and url :slight_smile: )?

hi Tobias Sorry for late reply, please check my credentials.yml as below: %E5%9B%BE%E7%89%87

Could please try to add an empty line between rest and botframework? If you run rasa with --debug there might be more useful information why connection was not succesfull.

instead of using app_id use bot_id and password, its work for me

Hi, I was also getting the above mentioned errors. Below are the things i did and after changing them, my bot was able to respond.

Check if “accessTokenAcceptedVersion” was set to 2 and
“signInAudience”: " AzureADandPersonalMicrosoftAccount" in Manifest of Azure App Portal.

[PS: I have used “app_id” and “app_password” itself in credentials.yml and not bot_id ]

Could any one please correct me if I’m wrong or point out any other way this can be done better? Also what should I follow if I have set “signInAudience”: " AzureADMyOrg"?

Thanks !

Hi @Pughal have you been able to solve “signInAudience”: “AzureADMyOrg”, if I want my bot available only to my organization.