Could not get BotFramework token

Hi Rasa I have already run ngrok and ‘rasa run’, In credentials.yml, there is also app_id and app_password under botframework, but when I’m trying to make testing in Bot Framework, i got errors as below:

2019-07-03 10:26:02 ERROR rasa.core.channels.botframework - Could not get BotFramework token

2019-07-03 10:26:03 ERROR rasa.core.channels.botframework - Error trying to send botframework messge. Response:

In my understanding, tunnel should be ok and it’s pending on Authentication. Could you please point out what I miss here? Thanks in advanced. Rasa: 1.1.4 Python: 3.6.8

Can your please share your credentials.yml (please anonymize the token and url :slight_smile: )?

hi Tobias Sorry for late reply, please check my credentials.yml as below: %E5%9B%BE%E7%89%87

Could please try to add an empty line between rest and botframework? If you run rasa with --debug there might be more useful information why connection was not succesfull.

instead of using app_id use bot_id and password, its work for me

Hi, I was also getting the above mentioned errors. Below are the things i did and after changing them, my bot was able to respond.

Check if “accessTokenAcceptedVersion” was set to 2 and
“signInAudience”: " AzureADandPersonalMicrosoftAccount" in Manifest of Azure App Portal.

[PS: I have used “app_id” and “app_password” itself in credentials.yml and not bot_id ]

Could any one please correct me if I’m wrong or point out any other way this can be done better? Also what should I follow if I have set “signInAudience”: " AzureADMyOrg"?

Thanks !

Hi @Pughal have you been able to solve “signInAudience”: “AzureADMyOrg”, if I want my bot available only to my organization.

Hi Tobias, I am struggling to solve this problem but couldn’t find out the solution. Please help me to solve it.

Hi pughal, Can you help me with that because my problem is not solved yet

After 1 week of debugging finally got the answer,

you just need to create your app and give multitenant, its not working on single tenant and userdefined tenant

please provide any solution for above error I am stuck at this point after APP Studio was deprecated I am facing the issue, after APP Studio deprecation from Teams using Developer portal I am trying to integrate rasa chatbot with teams please help me on this.

@ Chris Rahmé please provide any solution for above

Hi @prince can you please guide me how you get it

Hi @Tobias_Wochinger can you please help me above concern .

using multitenant got error help me to solve this one

@prince pls help me to solve this error same type of error what you have got

I am also facing the same issue.

@saurav1 Did you find out solution?