Nlu inbox not showing confidence score

Hello, I’ve been migrating conversations from a non-rasa chatbot, using the http-api of rasa X. In particular, the endpoint createEvent.

The confidence scores are shown correctly in the conversations tab, but they don’t appear in the NLU Inbox, making it really hard to iterate. I’m not sure if there’s a bug or I’m doing something wrong.


What version of Rasa X are you using? You should this in the 0.31.x releases.

I’m using these versions: RASA_VERSION=1.10.8 RASA_X_VERSION=0.31.2

And I’m sending payloads like this:

{'timestamp': 1596559986.547,
 'sender_id': '3082974311797704',
 'text': 'Emipropuesta1039',
 'event': 'user',
 'parse_data': {'entities': [],
  'intent': {'name': 'haveCode', 'confidence': 0.44105276465415955},
  'text': 'Emipropuesta1039',
  'is_flagged': False}}

Do you think I’m doing something wrong ? Or is it possible there’s a bug?

Yes, this has just been reported as a bug. You can track the issue here

Solved. The problem was I didn’t add the intent ranking, and the NLU Inbox reads the ranking to show the score.