NLU data issue

Hi everyone,

 I am using for the first time Rasa x to annotate conversations with test users.I have annotated from the NLU inbox, created new intents and entity and so on, but I cannot see what I have done in my nlu.yml file. Do you know why?

Thanks, Andrea

Hi @andreacirillo, could you provide some more details about your setup? Are you using Rasa X in local mode or deployed to a server? Which version of Rasa X are you using?

Hi @akelad,

I am using rasa x 0.33.2 in local mode

Plus: I use FAQs and chitchats. I cannot find the responses to FAQs and chitchats on Rasa X


Can you try to train your model from within Rasa X?

That will trigger your modifications to be written to the nlu.yml on disk.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried to train the model via Rasa X, but the training fails. If I try to start the training without Rasa X, it works :thinking: