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HI I’m new to Raza and I have a simple question about: what kind of algorithms Raza engine use? i’m new to Raza but not to NLP in general; I work with TF2, Pytorch and transformers; I’m new also in chatbot… then Raza is ‘deterministic’ in its core? (sorry for this simple generalization) I now Raza is contestualized chatbot, then it doesn’t work with RNNs family or Trasformers models, right ? is Raza very different from, for example, ParlAI framework?

thanks for yours clarifications and sorry for my ignorance ! Thanks in advance

@madara Its RASA not RAZA :slight_smile: typo I guess.

Check out the Rasa Algorithm Whiteboard playlist for all the details you need :slight_smile:

ohh SORRY!! :cold_face:

perfect thanks!!

Could You also recommend me the best course (advanced it’s ok) or book -if ther’s one- on Rasa?

@madara For Rasa Courses:

  1. [Official] Rasa Certification Workshop
  2. Rasa Advanced Custom Actions, Forms, & Responses Workshop
  3. Rasa Advanced Deployment Workshop
  4. [Free] Rasa for Beginners
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There are the courses Nik just sent, but also the outdated Masterclass and its handbook, and there’s a new series that just started called Conversational AI with Rasa.

From least to most advanced:

  1. Masterclass
  2. Conversational AI with Rasa
  3. Rasa for Beginners
  4. Certification Workshop
  5. Advanced Custom Actions, Forms, & Responses Workshop
  6. Advanced Deployment Workshop

Many Thanks for yours suggestions!

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HI I started taking a course on udemy , I also watched the Rasa for Beginners, but ther’re many problems; above all the code, syntax is obsolete, for example about forms actions: ther’s a jungle…in one course a class FormAction is needed in file, in another video: forms are only declarated in domain.yml files…(not in a python class) …one require ‘slot_was_set’ in stories , others no…then will be problematic to create a working chat for a beginner…then the question is: " Is there an updated effective (2021) Course on Rasa or not??" thanks again!

Yes, the Masterclass and Rasa for Beginners are outdated, but the rest is all up-to-date with Rasa 2.x!

ok, I bought “Certification Workshop” as starting point…thanks again

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