Chris Rahmé joins the Rasa Hero group!

Hello Rasa @community,

Christopher Rahmé has joined the Hero group, and we’re thrilled to introduce him as your new community moderator! :rasahero:

Journey to Rasa Hero

@ChrisRahme, a Software Engineer based in Lebanon currently studying his Master’s in Artificial Intelligence, has been a tremendous help on our forum. Since February this year, he has kindly committed an extraordinary amount of his time to answering technical and theoretical questions on conversational AI.

An avid forum member himself, and working together with @nik202, (we will share more about Nik’s journey soon :slight_smile: ) he has been there for our community at every turn. Not only responding to issues, but also guiding members into the right direction for their questions to be answered more quickly. Sharing useful resources, welcoming new members, and helping us to keep the forum an organized space to facilitate meaningful discussion and feedback from everyone.

This, we believe, has had a great impact on our overall community growth, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Chris for his time and effort here!

Here are just a few great examples of Chris stepping in for our community!

Chris has over 100 solutions marked and climbing! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

His role as a Rasa Community Moderator

Due to his exceptional efforts and compassion he has shown to our thriving community, Chris will become our first Community Moderator!

Continuing to be active here, he will also have additional rights, enabling him to have a larger impact on our forum’s health. Some of those additional capabilities include;

  • Moving topics into the correct category
  • Updating topic titles to reflect the content
  • Removing flagged and inappropriate content
  • Closing outdated topics
  • Enforcing or Community Code of Conduct

We look forward to working closely with him to improve the overall experience of our forum for our entire community.

Again, a massive thank you to @ChrisRahme for all his support. We are so excited about this next chapter! :star_struck:


@ChrisRahme Many congratulations :bouquet: well deserved :clap::clap::clap:


Thank you :heart_eyes:

Really an honor to be moderating for Rasa and being helpful :slight_smile:


Hi @ChrisRahme ,

congratulations and nice to meet you! :slight_smile:

Kind regards


@ChrisRahme Congrats!


@ChrisRahme Congratulations Chris :clap: :clap: :clap: You’ve cleared most of my doubts. Thank you for that!!




Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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Congrats @ChrisRahme !

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