Need to write the stdout to a textfile from anaconda prompt

I’m running some rasa instructions from Anaconda prompt. I need the result of the instruction to written (appended/over written) in real time to a text file .

Any solution to this? Please help. I have tried with (the command) > output.txt //output.txt is the file into which I want the result to be written.

Here the error says I’m not using a cmd.exe.

Hey @sreewarrier, sorry for the delay. This question isn’t really related to Rasa, but I’ll try to answer: Using the format you mentioned should work in the standard Windows command line (cmd.exe). I wonder if it’s something about the Anaconda prompt that is breaking it… If you install Rasa following the installation guide for Windows, and do everything in cmd.exe, does the > command work then? Also, if you use a simple command in the Anaconda prompt such as type file.txt > output.txt (where file.txt exists), does it still not work?