CLI Log to file not functional

When using Rasa CLI’s --log-file option, the log file is created but nothing gets written to it. I have tried using --debug option as well.

When using --debug, the debug message are being displayed on the screen but not written into the log file.

@tuorhador try replacing the “-” with an underscore “_” i.e --log_file

Actually as part of migration guiide it explicitly mentions that underscores in script parameters have been changed to hyphens…

Ohh. I forget about the new version, my bad. BTW i am using core 0.13.3. Which version are you using? I can check and let you know if I can get something.

I am trying out the recently release v1.0, CLI is packaged as part of that release.

Hi @tuorhador, the --log-file argument isn’t working for me too and I don’t know if I am doing something wrong here or it is a bug as I am not using the latest version for my work. Please ask rasa team, they can assist you better.

Sure, thanks for the effort.

A question, you say ask RASA team, for this do I need to do something extra to draw their attention to the issue or just leave the issue out here for someone from their team to pickup when they can?

@tuorhador Thanks for reporting this. It is indeed a bug. The argument log-file is never used in the code. I created an issue on GitHub. We will fix it as soon as possible.

There are too many queries on this forum and sometimes a query or two are left unattended by experts.So, I will suggest you to either create an issue over the github repo as this seems a bug to me or to get someone’s attention here, you can specifically mention them using @ .

I did get a response, and a github issue has been created. Thanks for your help @harshitc .

Thanks @Tanja