Need help with context switching

Hi I need help in maintaining the flow of the conversation by switching to different stories. I have 15 stories trained and I need to know how to movie the conversation to another story without the bot getting confused as it whether to stick with the same ongoing story or next query.

Hi @Nexemics, this is quite a general question. Do your stories represent totally different user goals, or are they variations of the same user goal? what do you mean exactly when you say “next query”? If you provide some example stories that aren’t working I’ll have a better idea of what to recommend

hi @amn41 If the user gives the sentence for example

user: setup the guest wifi for him bot: sure I set the details do you want to submit the details to him? user: actually the meeting postponed to next Friday. bot: Sure I fixed into the remainder. Do you want to submit the details to him?

So now the bot do not interact with other statement and given back to the previous conversation. This is what exactly i want Thanks in advance

hi @Dinesh-gowdam-2610 - we recently updated the docs on this topic

hi @amn41 - I have added a fallback policy, But I need to go back to the previous conversation after getting unwanted inputs from the user.

hi @Dinesh-gowdam-2610 - I think this is what you’re looking for Handling Unexpected Input