How to switch from one story to another


I’ve given the conversation of my Bot in below screenshot and my comments.

When the user entered Velvet…it was identified as “Agri_city_Only” intent and it got stored in “Entity - city”. This executed “action_get_contact” as per below story


“action_get_contact” got executed. It found that the city name was not valid and so threw the message to user.

Now user changed the topic of discussion by entering “Paddy”. This was rightly identified as “only_crop” intent and entity was also populated properly. But I thought that below story will be executed based on new input and that did not happen.


But it executed “utter_useful” which comes at last of all stories.

Kindly advise if it is possible to execute different story based on user input in the middle of another story?

You should look at forms and also the examples in the helpdesk-assistant which shows how to switch between forms and context.

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@stephens Thank you! Will check the forms feature now.