Multiple Rasa Agents | One Tracker DB

hi, I need some advice on the design - pros and cons. Let’s say that I have more than one Rasa Agent:

  1. Rasa Agent 1 → running on port 5005, Action Server 1 → running on port 5055
  2. Rasa Agent 2 → running on port 5006, Action Server 2 → running on port 5056

Would it be OK to have a common Tracker DB for both ? Do we see any limitations or cons with this approach ?


It’s okay, just make sure they don’t use the same sender/conversation IDs for their users

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Hi @ChrisRahme … Thanks for your answer. Lets say that I have a portal to which a user logs in. From here they can either initiate chat with Rasa Agent 1 or Rasa Agent 2.

In both cases the sender ID will remain the same, that is the username of the logged in user. Do you see this as a problem ?

As long as both bots are not talking to the same user at the same time, I think it would be fine.

The best way to avoid such problems is to, for example, append the username with the name of the agent, like utsuk.prani becomes utsuk.prani_agent1.

thanks for your feedback @ChrisRahme

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