Multiple agents on the rasa core

Is it possible to load multiple core agents/models simultaneously on my rasa server and while making a query just specifying the agent i want to query and that will handle the designation much similar to rasa-nlu.

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Yes, create your own server, and load different agents from different directories. Then create a custom tracker store. You can look at these on the github:

So create a tracker store, pass it in to all of your agents that you loaded, and when you want to switch agents, just set the slot “current_agent” to a different agent and route the messages accordingly.

Hi, im currently implementing something similar, at the end how did you made the server managing the different agents??

I already did this like u mentioned My idea that im implementing is very simple…

Just by keeping different folders for different domains with its story, nlu, actions and running them as HTTP server each domains with separate server port in parallel

I have a nodejs proxy REST interface that routes request to corresponding python HTTP server port based on the selected agent domain given as part of the input message, already Rasa Core has the HTTP server with sender id tracking etc., so i felt its a good idea not to reinvent the wheel here

Pls Let me know what are the down side of this approach other than port exhaustion or is there a better approach? Thanks

hi the given github url is not working plaese provide correct link…i am struggling to route multiple agents in rasa x projects