Multiple agent with single rasa project

Can anyone tell me how to make multiple agent bots with single rasa project. I want to run two bot weather bots and stock market bot at a time with two different user and it should interrupt each other at a time.

Conversation flow should be different

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Could you give an example of a conversation? Not sure I’m able to picture it correctly.

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I want to make two different chatbot with single rasa project? Is it possible ? If no then How can we run rasa server with different port and too with different port

Hello @abhishek1 you can use --port 80 at the time of run like

action server: python3 -m rasa run actions --actions actions --debug --port 5056

Rasa run: sudo python3 -m rasa run --enable-api --cors “*” --debug --port 80

run the different bots in different ports

I did it now How can we use different bots agent with single server and port

Can you please tell me How can we run multiple bots with single project Like for bank and hotel two different bot with single rasa project

Ya you can run 2 dialogue model in one server by creating 2 agents and this 2 agents can have different dialogue flow

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How can we do that can you pleas show an example

Maybe u can use rasa docker to run 2 different instances of bot.

Just create separate agents for each model. Use separate tracker_store objects, separate interpreter objects and separate models of course.

Then write a function that returns the correct agent for your use case.

Like this:

agent = Agent.load('./models/dialogue', interpreter=custom_interpreter, action_endpoint=_action_endpoint, tracker_store=custom_tracker_store)

agent2 = Agent.load('./models/dialogue2', interpreter=custom_interpreter2, action_endpoint=_action_endpoint2, tracker_store=custom_tracker_store2)

def foo(integer):
    if integer == 0:
        return agent
	return agent2

Hope this helps if you haven’t figured out already.

@Abhishek did you succeed in implementing a multi-bot set–up? Would you be willing to share what was your solution?