Multiple agents in one server/multiple servers?

Hello everyone

We are looking for a way to have multiple agents in Rasa. Our use case is that every client can create as many agents as their purchased package allowed them. Every client can define any domain for it, that’s why we need to have it separated.

For this scenario, what do you recommend or what’s possible? Multiple agents per server? in this case, each client will have their own server with their agents, or can we have multiple agents in a single server? or the only way is a server per agent?

Also, our idea is to reduce our response time with everything in our infrastructure, then, is looking great for this, but, we want to clarify what’s possible.


Current setup supports one agent per server. Otherwise how the endpoint traffic would be routed?

Ok, maybe if you define some sort of id per agent, so you can sent a request with the id, and the Core will know which agent does refer. But for my current scenario, the only possible thing it will be an agent per server?

I think so

Ok, thanks for your help!