Multi Intent conflict

If i had 2 intents which are quite similar, for example: intent1 receives possible input: “email address” intent2 receives possible input: “home address”

If the user enters “address” then which intent would it go to? I want my chatbot to ask: “Do you mean intent1 or intent2” and then once user answers intent1 it goes to intent1

You should do it with using button.

I can think of 2 possible solutions to this.

  1. UseTwo Stage Fallback Policy and set ambiguity threshold to a slightly high value. This will help you disambiguate all other intents also.
  2. Make a single intent address and put home address and email address as entities under that intent. I’d suggest you use regex featurizer for the email address entity (since it follows a specific format).

If I were you, I’d try out the first solution first and check how it impacts the prediction of other intents (since the fallback policy is applied to all the intents). If it turns out to be counter-productive, then I’d try out the second solution