Multiple intents with the same entities

Hello everyone what would be the proper way to model the following? I am having trouble handling this case:

Intent: Cancel

  • Cancel order[entity]
  • Cancel transaction[entity]
  • Cancel card[entity]

Intent: Activation

  • Activate card[entity]
  • Activate account[entity]

Intent: Buy

  • Buy a Card
  • Buy a Phone
  • Buy a Book
  • Buy a CD

Now imagine in this simple case the user just writes “I want to cancel”. I can create a story with intent: cancel and activate a form and try to fill in the entity by asking a follow up question. We need to know what he wants to cancel before replying and this will work fine using forms.

Now I imagine the user simply writes the word “card”. How would I go about doing something similar? I don’t know what the intent would be to create a similar form since card appears in all three intents.

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi @kmegalokonomos

In such case where you are not sure of the intent, you can use Fallback classifier and ask the user to rephrase.