Problem with same utterance in different intents

Hello, everyone, I have a situation as below and have no idea to deal with it:

  - ok

  - ok

I have a form which contains slot_a and slot_b, when the form is requesting slot_a and when user input “ok”, I want to recognize it as intent agree, and when the form is requesting slot_b, I want to get a result of intent ambiguous. Is it possible and how to do this? I think it is a common problem. Anyone has solve it? Or rasa can not deal with this and I have no choice but classify “ok” as a new intent?

@ILG2021 means you have different intents but the same examples? are the examples are exactly the same?

Yes, exactly the same, see the example I have show.

@nik202 Have you ever encountered this problem, it cost me a lot of time to deal with it.

@ILG2021 Not exactly, But please see this blog for the information and idea only may be it will help you ref this blogs: How to Handle Multiple Intents Using Rasa NLU TensorFlow Pipeline | The Rasa Blog | Rasa

@ILG2021 As, your use case example have exact same examples for both the different intents, that make the things different.

Another remedy comes to mind:

In your rules.yml file and in your stories.yml file you’re able to use or-statements. This way, you might be able to say “if the intent is affirm or neutral then this is the next action”.

My problem is not let two intent go to one action but same user message will be recognized as different intents depend on which slot is requesting.