Minimum/Recommended System Requirements for RASA(NLU+Core)

Hi I want to know what are the minimum system requirements for both Rasa Core and NLU like if I want to deploy my code from another server. What configuration should I ask for?

These are the requirements we give for people installing the platform, which is a production ready setup of Core/NLU

@akelad The installation page starts off saying it for people who want to run their own server or cloud, but then it says I need to buy a Rasa Platform subscription, sending me to a contact link which appears to be about using the Rasa platform, rather than my own.

Do I need a Rasa Platform subscription if I am trying to host my bot on my own server?

Is this document relevant for only rasa platform, or do I need to follow it for installation on my own server?

same question here but it doesn’t give the me hardware requirements as stated on the link only shows the on how to install the Rasa Stack… to add to this if installing the Rasa X does it come with the core and NLU plus the channels and integration

thank you!

Yes, Rasa X comes with Rasa OSS (which includes NLU, Core, channels etc).

Hardware requirements are listed here: Docker-Compose Manual Install

Hi @akelad, So how much hardware requirement is for running single rasa OSS (NLU+Core_channels) and action server, not Rasa X.

Woah, I am also looking for the exact same question!

Its the same as Rasa X

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