Integrate Rasa bot with microsoft teams


We are working on a proof of concept of integrating Rasa with Microsoft teams. I searched for the documentation on the below site, but it did not mention about microsoft teams. Need your help on this.

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You can do so using the BotFramework connector - Microsoft Bot Framework

Hi @msamogh, can you give a detailed explanation on how to integrate rasa with Microsoft teams as I am a fresher to this area!!! Thanks

What are you unclear about?


  • Is azure Bot Service needed?
  • How to create the Microsoft app for the bot? I try to use “App Studio” but im not sure how to properly configure the app. In the menu 2) Capabilities–> Bots what configuration is needed.
  • After creating the app what are the next steps, is it possible to just install the app local for testing and then it works already?

This thread might answer your qusetion

Not realy. I dont want to use Azure web bot service. Is it the only option?

Hi Jones,

Did you figure this out? I would also like to use MS Teams for Rasa and deploy on AWS.

Hi @Jones & @kumaramitsrivastava,

I’ve deployed couple bots on microsoft Teams, the first one was tricky and Microsoft showed us the way to do it.

The trick we used is to create a package Teams and select “CreateBot” (the easiest way is with App Studio creation, but you can also do it with a XML file). Once you have created the app, it creates an App ID and a secret key which you need to specify in your credentials.yml .

Moreover Teams requires (or maybe it’s due to our company conf) an HTTPS links, so you need to secure your server with SSL.


Do we need to register the rasa bot with Bot framework? Can we deploy this without using Azure server and subscriptions, provided we already have Public IP address?

What do you mean by “Register de rasa bot with bot framework ?”

You don’t need to host your server on azure as they only ask for and endpoint (https one) in the Team App Creation process, but you might have to have a subscription though, that I can’t say for sure.

@glaulom so do we need any kind of account (Azure, Bot Service, …)?

To be more precise, the process I have described has been done in a Company Owned MS Tenant on which you need admin rights.

I don’t know if it applies to any other configuration (no tenant, no account… etc).

@glaulom thanks for your support,i manage to connect ms teams with rasa webhook, i have used app studio and create an App, download the zip and upload via custom app ,but i am getting botframework token error, how can i get this, please look attached image

works for me now :heart_eyes::grin:,i use bot id instead of app id and same password


Hey, i also got same error, can you help me out , like how did you solve it?

Did you change the botframework: app_id: “” app_password: “” into botframework: bot_id: “” app_password: “” or something else ?

No, only I change the values of with app_id : “put your bot I’d”, app_pasword : “app password”, I think passwords are same for app and bot

Can we integrate Rasa bot with microsoft teams with out Admin credential and Azure account.

Hi Souvik,

am getting the below issue in my rasa servr … fyi am doing configuration on azure…

sanic.exceptions.MethodNotSupported: Method GET not allowed for URL /webhooks/botframework/webhook