Merging queries and slow response of

Hello! I’m using Rasa NLU & Rasa Core v.0.14.6 with docker and kubernetes. The server is running on Nginx and Rasa uses Flask as a web-framework. My problem is:

Sometimes (usually when I send first request after several hours of silence) Rasa does not receive the request and it stays idle until a moment, where two last sent messages (I can send 5 messages, but it takes only 2 last ones) come at the same time, and although they get different id, they are treated as one - the query consists of 2 last messages concatenated without whitespace between them. And the second request, which should contain second last message, has empty query and Rasa responds to it with utter_default_action.

Does anyone know what the problem is and how to solve it or at least were should I be looking? Thanks for your time.

Hi @rhododendron,

Rasa NLU & Rasa Core v.0.14.6

These are very old versions. I highly recommend to switch to a Rasa Open Source version >= 1.6 . We also have a Helm chart for this, which should make your deployment a load easier: Deploy in a Cluster Environment

Thanks for your reply! We’re planning to migrate to a newer version in the near feature, but at this moment it is impossible. That’s why I have to deal with old version for now. So I would really appreciate if you have some advice regarding my problem.

Here’s an example for better understanding:

1st request to Rasa: "hello"

5th request to Rasa: "some_request_5"

6th request to Rasa: "some_request_6"

Eventually, after some time (<=5 min), Rasa gets 2 last request at the same time and these requests look like this:

1st request Rasa gets: "some_request_5some_request_6"

2st request Rasa gets: (it’s completely empty)

I am not quite sure whether this is a Rasa or Flask issue. Hope this helps!

Why is that so? What is blocking you?

And which versions are you using specifically? There is no Rasa Core 0.14.6 and there is a newer version for Rasa NLU.

Why is that so? What is blocking you?

The migration is scheduled for this spring. I am the only one working on the project and I have to maintain services that use Rasa until I have a chance to use newer version. And as much as I know, the documentation on Python API for Rasa v.1.x.x is not as good as for v.0.x.x. This is really important because we need to use Rasa from our custom flask server as there is a lot of work going on before and after Rasa gets into action.

I’ve looked into configuration files - Rasa NLU and Core = v.0.14.5.

Ok, that makes sense. Do these docs help you? We will work on improving the docs for the Python interface!