How does rasa handle requests that come one even before the first request is handled

Hi, Let’s say I send two messages one after the other (second message even before rasa starts to process the first one), will the second one be ignored or will it also be handled?

@nik202 any idea? :smiley:

@lis Interesting use case. But few questions before the solution.

  1. Are you using Rasa Open Source or Rasa X for the conversations.
  2. If you using rasa open source what command you are using?
  3. If your bot is running on the server-side, then still what method you are using?
  4. Are you aware of the rest API, channels or if you are using third-party integration widget ?
  5. Is the question for example 1s. is sent for the request before the start and 2q. after the bot initiated?

If the bot is initiated and if there is not followd squence of the question the bot will answer both as he get the request :slight_smile:

Simple live use case, when we order a food, you will get both the food as you requested, some take time and some come early :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you don’t mind to answer these questions, thanks.

  1. I’m using rasa open source and I’ve connected it with slack
  2. rasa run to run the rasa and rasa run actions to run the action server
  3. no, bot is not running on a server. right now i’m port forwarding using ngrok
  4. yes, im using slack
  5. question 2 from user which can have a different story path from the story path of question 1 and is asked right after question 1 and before the bot could finish the story path of question 1. will rasa be able to handle both the requests in the same order?

i hope i made some sense. if not, kindly let me know. thanks a lot for your time :slight_smile:

Well, on your chat widget there is a specific way to show the response, yes as question2 finished the rasa server start process the question1, but it will first display question2 and then question1. Best way to check is try and check it in the --debug model.

Note: I guess the process of both the questions store in Inmemorytracker store and as soon as it display the questions1 it will display question2.

I hope it make sense to you Lisa. No worries.

okay, thanks a lot!

@lis :slight_smile:

@nik202 i have a form and even before completing the form (happy path) the user decides to ask another question. in this case, the bot answers the second question and comes out of the form. do you know how i can handle this?