Make train-nlu fails indicating make is not recognized as a command

I’ve installed the RASA stack starter pack and followed the instructions verbatim. When I try to run the ‘make train-nlu’ command, I get an error message indicating it does not know where to find make. This is a windows 10 system running p[ython 3.6.8rc1

Hi @ed-evans, unfortunately make files run natively only on unix systems (osx, linux, …). You can have a look at that file and just copy and paste the actual command that gets executed.

Hi! In which file should I search into to see the needed windows command?

just run python -m rasa_nlu.train -c nlu_config.yml --data -o models --fixed_model_name nlu --project current --verbose. Adjust file names and paths accordingly.

I would like to clarify, this is not at all the case. You CAN run make on a Windows system. Install “gnuWin Make”. Then, modify your environment path variable to add the path of the install (In my case, “C:/Users/Me/Program Files (x86)/GnuWin/Make/bin”

Remember, that all make does is allow you to call commands in a simpler fashion.

Also, your terminal must be set to your rasa directory. To get there, use cd your/path/here

is there a 64 bit version of gnuWin Make? Also, has anyone successfully used Make on Windows 7 64bit machine?

I am using make on 64 bit windows 10 rn

I believe you can find an install link on the Rasa-Starter-Stack github