Cannot run make train-nlu

I have already installed both NLU pack and stack master, however, when I try to run the command to train my NLU pack, it didn’t work. I also have issues with the tensorflow. How do I fix this? Thank you so much!

Note: I’m using macOS Sierra 10.12.6

Looks like you ran that command in your home directory. Is that where you installed the bot?

If so, Is the Makefile present in that directory? If it is, does it have a train-nlu rule in it?

Makefile (12.4 KB)

This is my makefile and it seems like the train nlu command is not found

That’s not a Makefile.

Where did you install the bot? In your home directory or somewhere else?

I installed it in my home directory, yes. Oh, I exported the makefile into a .txt file because I wasnt sure if I could upload the makefile up here.

@kimdo I think you’ve made some kind of error. The content of the file you posted is not what a Makefile looks like.

If you installed the RasaHQ starter pack, the content of your Makefile should look like it does on Github; like this.

Ah, ok, this is my Makefile, it looks exactly like it does on Github, just with a different application, I’m using Sublime Text to open it up

Just to clarify, I downloaded the Rasa (both core and nlu) packs and the and store them in Desktop. I have been pasting all the commands into the Mac Terminal. Does it mean my bot is in my home directory? if not does it matter where I install my bot and if im in the wrong folder, how do I correct it? Thank you!