Looking for a Python Developer to work on Rasa chatbots, Migration from Rasa 1.10 to Rasa 3.0

Vocinity (www.vocinty.com) is looking for a Python Developer to join our team. You will be working on building new features in our Rasa bots and our bot-building platform and supporting existing production deployments. You must be a self-starter who can work with minimal supervision. While asking questions is highly encouraged, waiting to have things explained to you is not acceptable. You can be located anywhere, as long as your workday takes place some time in the 4AM-8PM US EST time window.

Vocinity is a US-based startup focusing on voice and video bots and using Rasa for over 3 years now. Our team is based all over the world, with team members on every continent. Team member become owners, and are granted an ownership stake in the company.

Your responsibilities: the main project will be migration our bots and bot-building software from using Rasa 1.10 to Rasa 3.0

Required: good Python skills, some knowledge of Rasa

Pluses to have: lots of knowledge of Rasa, experience with containers, kubernetes, prior DevOps experience.

Please reply to this post or send email to [email protected].

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