Logging post requests' bodies in rasa-core

Is there an easy way to output / log the body of post requests in rasa-core? I’m hooking up my bot with an external api and would love to be able to see what kind of requests are sent to the rasa-core server.

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this will be contained in the rasa_core debug log by default i think

I’m using the --debug option on rasa_core.run which does log a lot more information, but it still only give the regular request information (e.g. remote address, type, uri, agent, etc.) like this: - - [2018-11-02 14:46:15] "POST /webhooks/facebook/webhook HTTP/1.0" 200 173 1.032981

Am I missing something? A native feature would be great.

Meanwhile, I was able to place a nginx instance in between that routes the requests to rasa_core and allows me to inspect the received requests in more detail.

No, it’s not there!.. Please, if you could help how the conversations or the responses of the bot can be logged, will be great!