L3-AI: A Virtual Conference for the Global Conversational AI Community

On June 18, 2020, Rasa will be holding the L3-AI conference, an online event centered around the product teams and makers running truly interactive (“Level 3”) AI assistants in production. We’d love to invite you to join us.

AI assistants that can understand context and handle complex tasks are transforming business, from internal operations, to banking, to healthcare. But, building enterprise-grade AI assistants requires tools and techniques that are up to the challenge. The L3-AI conference brings together leading innovators in conversational AI, along with the engineers and data scientists running Level 3 AI assistants in production at some of the world’s top companies. We’ll hear first-hand how these individuals are making Level 3 assistants a reality.

Our speaker lineup includes founders of Siri and spaCy, researchers, as well as AI leaders at companies like UnitedHealth, and Rasa community members.

Our goal is to make this event accessible to as many people as possible, so this event is free and scheduled with our worldwide community in mind. Whether you’re a developer, conversational designer, or AI innovation leader, we hope you’ll take away something new about building better AI assistants and leave inspired by what’s possible. Sign up here to reserve your spot as a Rasa community member. We hope to see you there!


@maddymantha Tickets are booked. I’m joining :slight_smile:

Is the conference be recorded for re-watching purpose ? Please make it clear because of difference of TimeZone ! @maddymantha

Excited to emeet you all in the conference! Come join us to extended your bot capabilities with audiocodes voice AI gateway solution

Are the videos accessible somewhere? Sadly I overlooked this and didn’t register :confused: