Announcing our Upcoming AMA Series: L3-AI Speakers

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The L3-AI conference brings together speakers from all over the world who are experts in the conversational AI community. During the conference, they’ll be sharing their work building truly interactive AI assistants.

But before we kick off L3-AI on June 18th, we want to give you a chance to get to know some of our speakers. We’ll be hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions here in the forum, featuring three of our L3-AI speakers.


  • Dr. Catherine Breslin, Machine Learning Scientist
  • Alan Nichol, Co-Founder & CTO, Rasa
  • Julian Gerhard, CTO, SUSI & James GmbH

What: 3 AMA sessions about conversational interfaces, machine learning, and building advanced AI assistants


Here in the Rasa forum! Check each speaker’s bio below for links to their AMA thread.


June 4-10. Check each speaker’s bio to find out when they’ll be scheduled, and when you can begin pre-submitting questions.


Three days before each scheduled AMA, we’ll open the thread to pre-submitted questions. Once we open the threads, you’re free to ask our speakers anything (especially as it relates to conversational interfaces and NLU :wink:). On the day of the scheduled AMA, our guest speakers will be available live for one hour to answer both presubmitted and live questions in the designated forum thread. Be sure to react to other questions you’re interested in, so speakers can see which questions have the most community interest :cowboy_hat_face:At the end of the AMA, we’ll close the thread, but you can catch our guest speakers again at L3-AI!

AMA Speakers

Dr. Catherine Breslin is a machine learning scientist and manager. Since completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge, she has commercial and academic experience in automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding and human-computer dialogue systems. Previously, she led the Amazon Alexa AI team as a Manager, Applied Science, and she currently works with Cobalt Speech and Language, advising companies and building high performing voice and language technology.
:white_check_mark: Starting June 1, pre-submit your questions for Catherine here and she’ll be available to answer them live on Thurs. June 4, 8am-9am PDT/5pm-6pm CEST.

Alan Nichol is co-founder and CTO of Rasa. He holds a PhD in machine learning from the University of Cambridge and has years of experience building AI-powered products.
:alarm_clock: Starting June 4, pre-submit your questions for Alan here, and he’ll answer them live at Mon. June 8, 6am-7am PDT/3pm-4pm CEST.

Julian Gerhard is CTO at SUSI&James GmbH, a startup focused on digital voice assistants and artificial intelligence. His interests lie in combining machine learning with natural language processing to create a bridge between humans and machines. Julian is a Rasa superhero, known for his work with Rasa on Raspberry Pi and smart hardware.
:alarm_clock: Starting June 8, pre-submit your questions for Julian here, and he’ll be available to answer them live on Thurs. June 10, 6am-7am PDT/3pm-4pm CEST.

We’re excited to welcome these speakers to the forum—and get some great conversations going. Don’t miss the chance to get your questions answered!


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