Rasa Developer Summit 2019!

Rasa Developer Summit 2019!

We are extremely excited to announce the Rasa Developer Summit 2019 ! Join us in sunny San Francisco for a full day of talks on Rasa & conversational AI and meet fellow community members from all around the world. Would like to give a talk during the summit? We want to hear from you! The call for proposals is now open and we are looking forward to seeing you on stage at the Rasa Developer Summit! Submit a proposal, get tickets and find more information here.


Can we get some discount @Juste ?

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Hi! Is the call for proposals still open?

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agreed!! any discount codes?

Hey @FelixKing and @technophile_2507. Great news! We have a discount code for our community members. Use the code RasaCommunityForum for 50€ reduction (~25%) :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing you at the Rasa Developer Summit! :slight_smile:

Ahhh!! I just bought my tickets 2 days ago! any chance to add this after the fact? @Juste

Hi @FelixKing can you send me a message at dominik@rasa.com please and we’ll figure it out!

Exciting! Will there be a live stream of the event ?

Hey @midemarc. We don’t plan to livestream the event, but the talks will be filmed and uploaded online after the event. :slight_smile:

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@Juste Oh that’s pretty cool! Thanks.

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hey @Juste. when are you planning to upload the talks happened in the event.

Hi @Juste I read the 2019 conference wrap up and wish I could have made it. Definitly putting this on my calendar for next year. I read something about N26 that I’m very interested in -

“The N26 team’s talk described how they developed a wrapper that allows content creators to create custom actions in markdown–no Python coding required.”

Would you happen to have contact information for Edouart Manet from N26? I looked at the slides for the talk but there is only a mention of the custom action capability, nothing on how the magic happens. I have some ideas, but if they have code to share, that would be fantastic.