Issues with Production Mode

I have followed the docs of manually installation(Deploy to a Server) to run rasa-x in production mode. However, I have encountered following issues:

1. After “docker-compose up” and “python create …”, the page is up and i can login. But i can’t talk to the bot, and the backend responses 404 for the api call:

rasa-x_1 | [2019-06-16 06:25:16 +0000] - (sanic.access)[INFO][]: GET http://localhost:5002/api/conversations/me 404 162

2. I have add volumes of domain file and data folder in docker-compose.yml

- ./data:/app/data

- ./domain.yml:/app/domain.yml

and I even added the environment variables in .env for those variables after checking in rasax library. as below:



But in rasa-x page, they are not loaded.

Due to above issues, I have to to use rasa in local mode so far.

I really appreciate for the help of providing solutions to above issues.

Hi @FerdinandZhong, welcome to our community! Would you be able to post this as a github issue on instead? And fill out all the information in there? Potential bugs are better posted on github

Hi @akelad , Thanks for the reply. I will try to reproduce the problem and post it on the github.