Is there any way we can skip intent classification and store whatever user inputs in chat

I am creating a bot which asks user to enter their feedback regarding a product. Now user can enter any type of text.

I want to accept anything that user enters and store that user input in a slot. What is the best thing that can be done?

I recommend a form with text slot. They key part is from_text - this will populate slot with whatever user replies with. Something like this-

# under slots
    type: text
    auto_fill: false
    influence_conversation: false
#under forms
    - type: from_text
      - chitchat

Thanks @digitalWestie for the reply.

Is there anything else that can be done apart from using forms?

Hm, I’m not sure of a way of doing it, but I’m not all that experienced with Rasa maybe someone else can help. Regardless, if you are using a persistent tracker store rather than in memory then you’ll have access to user messages anyway.