How to take an input from the user and save it in a slot

If i am taking a feedback from the user , how to take the input without evaluating it as an intent as the feedback would be different every time, and save it in a slot

Hi @Elssa. I think you are looking for entity extraction. Let me know if you have more questions :slight_smile:

No not looking for entity extractions, I have to store the user input, this input can be anything, so i can’t define it in intents for it ,but i have to save the input and display the thank you message

@Elssa Hmm. You are still going to need an intent with examples of what is acceptable input. Otherwise, how will the assistant know when a user input falls under this case vs. one of your other intents. I think you are saying you want to grab the entire user message? You can do this in a custom action by calling I believe tracker.latest_message.get('text') or a form with from_text

yes , I have used tracker.latest_message.get(‘text’) that is fine, I just had the doubt regarding intents