Fill Feedback in slot

I want to fill user feedback in the slot but the problem here is user can give any feedback in any form like proper sentences or mathematical series or any random text like m32n4nk42k422 42n5 and I have to store it in slot and I can’t train every type of data so is there any way so that I can store any value/sentence in slot?

Hi @abhishakskilrock,

Sure! You can define the slot type as unfeaturized and run a custom action to set the slot. In this action, you will be able to get the latest user message with tracker.latest_message['text']

Thank You @MetcalfeTom It will be great help.

Hi @MetcalfeTom,

I want to know that when I will be entering this feedback in chatbot, it will be classified as rasa_nlu and for feedback we cannot have training data. So it is obvious that the entered text will be classified as wrong intent, which will affect the bot flow. How to handle this issue ?