How to create user feedback in rasa

I want to create a feedback system where user can sent feedback in text or ask query that are not in bot intent definition . How we can handle such type of text.

Ex: I mad a Write to us button where user can sent his query if he is not satisfied with bot output.

Thanks in advance

Is it possible in rasa that it is taking value like below and get it in slot?


I can’t see the image you posted

It’s type of form where name and message is there . Do we have option to show form to user and user can fill it. Form will save the data in slots?

Hi @akelad I am using form field in custom action to save the data in slot. I want once the data is stored and incident is created same form action should ask to create new incident using button. On next call how to reset the slots. I used below code in custom action

response = “”“Your information Name :{} Email: {} and Mesage :{} is save we will contact you soon”"".format(name, email, message ) dispatcher.utter_message(response) buttons = [{ “title”: “Yes”, “payload”: “/Write_to_us” }, { “title”: “No”, “payload”: “/goodbye” }] dispatcher.utter_button_message(“Do you want to create new incident” ,buttons)

    return []

@neerajb1 Hello How did you create intent for the message slot cause it can cross with any intent since there is no fixed message to train the bot on it