Is there any interface in botframework to transfer the chat to live agent

I have integrate my rasa chat-bot with teams using bot-framework. now i want one feature that if my chat-bot is not able to answer then in that case user want to talk chat live agent. i don’t know how to do that so any help would be greatly appreciated. i am new on rasa and bot-framework so i don’t know how to start. so please answer to this question as soon as possible.

Hi @kuldeep, can you please see this blog post, In this blogger mention the concept of using handoff to live agent or even another bot: How to Build a “Human” Handoff Feature with Rasa | The Rasa Blog | Rasa

PS: I hope you have two bots ready for the experimental use case: Chatbot GUI and Live Agent GUI.

OR Even you can search on the forum using the keyword human handoff or handoff in rasa etc, I guess you will be able to find the code and implementation.

I hope this will help you and solve your issue faster. Good Luck! Good Luck!

I only have chatbot ui.which I integrate with botframework.but I dont have agent ui so can you suggest me agent gui.

@kuldeep you can use Facebook and Rasa both front or Slack that can be easily managed and implemented.