Is there any http api available for training of Rasa Core?


I want to create different models for each user using Rasa Core, is there any api available for Rasa Core to send models and training data to the core same as of Rasa NLU. As I have seen the training api is only available for the NLU.


Do you mean you want to use a web frontend to train your dialog model in a similar way as you do with the npm package rasa-nlu-trainer?

@fallik - Yeah exactly I want to do the same, for the web frontend I need the rasa core api for this. Because currently only nlu is giving option of training via its http api.

I don’t think there is a train endpoint, but maybe you can train your core and the upload the model using the /model endpoint ?

If it’s for Rasa-ui, it would be awesome :ok_hand:

Not sure, if that helps: @Juste is presenting a very convenient way to train the dialog model in this video (have a closer look on 1:04:10). You need to have your actions defined for this. I am not certain whether a comparable web api exists for that. The Rasa Platform or the JAAI Agent might be what you are looking for, however, those platforms are not free.

Hey @sanjeethanspal. What is the reasoning behind having a different core model for each user? And by users do you mean bot user or domain/client you are building assistants for?

@Juste Thanks for replying! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here user I mean domain user, who want to build bot for there own purpose. Domain is not fixed due to which I need different core model for each domain user.

Another reason behind having different core model is because one core model works for only one specific domain lets say for hospitals, then suppose I need another model for the schools, and I also don’t want to deploy new docker container for the other model. So I think if somehow we can have different core models same as of NLU we can achieve this scenario.


Hi @sanjeethanspal,

I have the same question as you: Is there a HTTP endpoint /train for Rasa Core like there is for NLU. I am trying to use Rasa with a Node.js application which is why having HTTP endpoints would be really useful. What did you end up using in the end for training Core?