RASA NLU & core setup

I am newbie to RASA, appreciate your help for the below question.

I was able to setup RASA NLU and core by creating separate models but when I keep both NLU and core models in models folder in single instace RASA server either NLU or core working but not both. Is there any command to create single model for both NLU and core. If there is no single command then can the best practice is to separate NLU model from core.

Appreciate any suggestions

Hi @penusila611621. Why do you want to separate NLU and dialogue management models?

You can train an NLU model by running rasa train nlu and a dialogue management model by running rasa train core. More configurations can be found here

HI @tyd - rasa train nlu command is creating NLU model and rasa train core is creating dialogue management models.For the bot to work, first I need to extract the intent using NLU model and http://localhost:5005/model/parse API and then use http://localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook API with intent returned from first API to engage BOT. My question is, how to create a common model (NLU + dialogue management models) which works for BOT to communicate with single API. I am newbie to RASA and advise me if I am doing something wrong here.

HI @penusila611621. The rasa train command will create a single model that does both NLU and dialogue management by default. I might recommend checking out the Rasa Masterclass since you are new

Many thanks @tyd for. Just rasa train command works. Will also go through the master class videos.