Is there a way to integrate rasa bot with android without using any 3rd party paid tools

hey folks i was trying to integrate rasa-bot to my android there any way kindly suggest.

NOTE: am not interested to any 3rd party paid chat/voice platforms as i have my own tts and asr tools which i will use to interact with the bot.and maintain my server in my local LAN.

thanks in advance

hey guys i also want to know this hope is there anyone who can help me out too. with regards miles smith kodi

did you try any approach

you can serve Rasa as an http API - can’t you connect to the API from your app just like any other?

by HTTP API you mean using REST channels ? if yes could you explain it in detail.

thanks in advance

Did you take a look at the docs?

how should i generate those authentication code/jwt headers

it is like a client server handshake

you put the secret when you start your server. Please read the documentation

from which version is --enable_api command available ? as am using 0.11.4 it says unrecognized arguments

It is available from 0.11 , that’s strange,

what is the command you are running?

this is the command : " python -m --enable_api -d models/dialogue/ -u models/nlu/default/foodnlu/ " presently am not using any authentication token

in 0.11.4 - this argument is available

Can you post the error when you run this command(this is your command only, i just formatted it)

python -m --enable_api -d models/dialogue/ -u models/nlu/default/foodnlu/ 

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Weird, perhaps the docs are not clear about this. are you sure about version 0.11.4, maybe move to a higher version and try

i will give it a try and let you know

what is the alternative for rasa_nlu.converters?

figured it out thanks

Hello @sam1 I want to integrate my Rasa bot to my existing Android project. Can you tell me how to do that? And existing code for the project would be appreciated. Thanks.

you will have to create a http server of your bot (doc link is provided in above thread by souvik)… After that you will have to query it by using the url (in your java code)


{“q”:“Your query”}

found out any yet …? was searching for rasa_nlu converters since so long man. VLC