Rasa in android

Hello… Can I use rasa server as a backend and use http api for my android ui? I want to use android REST client retrofit2 to reach rasa core server.

Anyone try it before? I just want to know if that possible?

Hi. are you able to implement rasa server bot in android. if yes, then can you share how to implement it. since i am also working on integrating rasa with android.

Thank you.

hey. I interact with rasa via http api just follow the docs and it’s easily to work with it you just need to call the http api from android to rasa but your work will be in java android alot since rasa it’s just a backend, it’s like you prepare the ai mind and for android it’s to show up to the world

can you share the document or website which you have referred in making of Bot. it will be much helpful.

Thank you.

i havent tried it with android but yes i have 2 bots working in the same way as you described

I use rasa http docs HTTP API then you can send a query as described and get json response then you can make your program interact with these data.

P.s I work locally because it’s for college project, I didn’t try to host rasa server in my online server but I guess there’s a solution sure.

Thank you.

hey @Noarah, How did u add buttons in your android UI. Im kinda stuck at this step