Is there a method to automatically get a specific response from a Response Selector?

I’m building a bot that has an FAQ, and I decided to have all of the simple FAQ answers in an FAQ intent using a Response Selector like in the chitchat example on this page Retrieval Actions.

It works great, but I’m wondering if I can force a specific response to be retrieved in the payload of a button somehow. For example, if I have an intent like this in my

## intent: faq/directions
- where are you located

And a story like this:

## ask location 
* faq/directions
 - We're right down the road.

How can I trigger this? Sending /faq/directions in the payload doesn’t work, and sending /faq in the payload doesn’t work either, which is expected. Is there some other way to force the /faq/directions response?


@plurn Hi, you can do that by passing button title to the payload of the button. This works if the text in button title is included in file under that particular faq intent. The bot will identify the intent of faq by this step. Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

hi @plurn, did you managed to find a solution!