Rasa 2 for FAQ - Button payload and intents problem


I’m working on a FAQ using Rasa 2 (Chitchat and FAQs)
I am facing a problem,

The faq works well but I need to have buttons that refer to responses of the faq: so in the payload of the button I send ‘/faq/cpf’ but I have the following error:
UserWarning: Interpreter parsed an intent 'faq/cpf' which is not defined in the domain. Please make sure all intents are listed in the domain.
Which is logical because my intent is only /faq So how can i call a response from my faq from a button (using ResponseSelector) ?

Thanks for helping, and excuses my english


Hi @Kesskisspass, can you give some more details on the use case and some broader context on the conversation flow that you are trying to achieve. What you can do is something like this, where the text is passed as payload of the button. The text will be then classified as the specific retrieval intent and subsequently the micro intent, for e.g. in your case - faq/cpf

Hi @dakshvar22, yes I can pass text to rasa for classify and find the specific intent, but it’s a problem because I don’t want to train data on these specifics intents (I don’t have enough training data) Maybe the solution could be some custom actions. Thanks for the help

@dakshvar22: Hi! I have a smiliar issue but I defined my intents in the domain which is weird… You can find my full post here: Rasa 2.1.0 - Buttons are not working! Problem with retrieval intents I would very appreciate it, if you could help me with this issue :blush: