Add buttons to FAQ Responses

I used this tutorial to add some FAQs using response selector but Im wondering if it is possible to add buttons in my faq responses

Hello @tatianaf,

FAQs are used to return static information on a structured way, why would you want to put buttons on it?

If you explain more perhaps we can find some options for your use case.


Sure, so the idea is that a user might ask a general FAQ question but then we might want to guide the user to a more specific intent related to that topic. For example, the user might ask “What is ABC?” and then we might respond “ABC is a tool for XYZ… Would you like to [Install ABC] [Reset password for ABC]” So the first part of the response would be the general info answer to the FAQ and the items in brackets [] would be buttons offering popular intents for actions the user can take related to that FAQ.

Hello @tatianaf,

I think this is what you are looking for: fallback-policy

Being more specifically the paragraph:

This is done by customising the action ActionDefaultAskAffirmation as shown in the Sara rasa-demo action server We define some intent mappings to make it more intuitive to the user what an intent means.


Thanks but that’s not what I’m looking for. I guess instead of using response selector I’ll just have to use regular intents/stories. Thanks though!

@tatianaf According to my understanding I think you are looking for the below concept.



  • text: “ABC is a tool for XYZ… Would you like to”


    • title: “Install ABC”

      payload: ‘/install_abc’

    • title: “Reset Password”

      payload: ‘/reset_password’

    • title: “Anything else”

      payload: ‘/anything_else’

================================ OR ======================================== utter_abc:

  • text: “ABC is a tool for XYZ… Would you like to”


    payload: "collapsible"
    - title: Install ABC
      description: Process of installing.
    - title: Reset Password
      description: 'Process of reset password'
    - title: Anything else
      description: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks, yup, I was just trying to see if the same thing is possible with the response selector but it looks like it is not so I will use this approach instead.

@tatianaf You Welcome! I hope it will help you.

Hi, @vishnunahak @tatianaf. I am building an FAQ chat bot along with multi-channel integration. Did u figure out a way to achieve the same with Response selector ? I mean buttons so that i can use keys like “channel”, “custom”,etc.

No I ended up removing the FAQ functionality and using regular response structure

@tatianaf. Thanks for the info. I hope the next major update comes soon. It will be having this feature.

@Akhil You can define the channel name in each response in domain.yml

I Hope, It will help you with multi-channel.


  • text: “Hi,:slightly_smiling_face: \n \n Thanks for reach out to me. I’m Rasa Bot. :slightly_smiling_face:\n”


    • title: “What is Bot”

      payload: ‘/about’

    channel: “socketio”

  • text: “\n How can I help you today? \n”

@vishnunahak. Thank you but I know this in domain.yml. I wanted to achieve this in responses/ for FAQ bot to use Response Selector.