Error - "RESPONSE_SELECTOR_PROPERTY_NAME" - KeyError: 'response_selector'

Dear Team,

I am using RASA-2.7.1

Could you please help me to fix this. I have a button from custom, which is to trigger faq. The button payload - “/faq”. And the intents i’ve defined well with couple of questions. as below.

 - intent: faq/bias
      examples: |
        - what is bias in machine learning
        - What is bias in machine learning example?

Here is my rules defined -

- rule: handle faq
      - intent: faq
      - action: utter_faq

And in the domail.yml - I’ve registered my intent "- faq"

And the corresponding responses defined like below -

> utter_faq/bias:
>   - text: "Bias is an error from erroneous assumptions in the learning algorithm."

And i have been trained my model and ran the models successfully. Also, i’ve ran the actions as well.

But, from GUI when i click on the “questions button” the subjected issue occured. And the bot response from GUI is “I am facing some issues.”

Hello Team, I have fixed it by triggering the intent from nlu and by creating faq stories in stories.yml file. Thanks

Best Regards, Ravi