Is there a guide on how to use http api to complete a dialogue?

As the title says, I already know how to call http api. But I still don’t know how to use the api to finish the dialogue. The offical doc only show how to use each api seperately but do not contain a full example on how to use them all together to finish a chat between the bot and the client.

e.g.: IMO, I think I should add a message first, then predict the next action, then execute the action, and then predict the next next action and then then execute it unitl I encountered the “action_listen”.

However after I execute one action, the api keep predicting the same action and won’t end… So I don’t know how should I let the tracker update its status after execute some action

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You cannot easily do it with the HTTP API. The API was not designed to do that. However, you can use a RestInput. This will give you a webhook endpoint that does exactly what you want. You just need to add rest to your credentials.yml file. Check the documentation for more details.

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Thank you Tanja, I’ll have a try~